Mastrcon Command Plus
Control System 

Component Modules
Additionally , there are 8 standard outputs that can drive external control relays or that can be used
to mute audio signals.
The Mastrcon Command Plus comes Equipped to provide a total of 43
Outputs that are Directly Controlled by the Microprocessors in the unit!

Each of the high current climate Fan/ Condenser Fan and Light Dimmer output circuits are smoothly
ramped up to full voltage in sequence on system startup or when any of the functions are activated at a
This Feature will greatly extend the life of your Alternator and Second Battery since the unit will Never surge your secondary charging system! The design also reduces your warranty and services
expenditures on the premature replacement of Batteries , Alternators , Circuit Breakers or Interconnect wiring in
the field and the labor costs involved in their reinstallation by a service center . Additionally , Since the unit is digitally controlled it will run all of the accessories in your vehicle with approximately 20-40% less system
current requirements than what would be needed to operate a comparable old fashioned analog relay
controlled system!
When properly installed , the climate Fans/CFANs , Light Dimmers and High Power control circuits are triple
protected against current overload and thermal overheat issues , including circuit breaker circuitry that will react
to a short circuit in less than a 1/1,000 of a second that ensures maximum protection for your vehicles.

You can also add the Mastrcon SY-318 Intercom or the SY-396 RGB controllers to your
system for additional options!
The Sy-318 (page 36) is a “Hands-Free” 22 watt Unit that can be used as
an intercom in a limousine or as a public address system in a Bus . The unit will also play professional
automatic entry greetings that satisy DOT safety Requirements or can play Door open alarms or Tour guide
information for your Passengers.
The SY-396(Page 37) is a 420 Watt RGB Module with 16 custom digital shows and the Module can slave to
additional modules so that you can finally get rid of noisy and dangerous boosters and ensure that all of your
RGB lights and shows in the vehicle will star in perfect sync.

Component Modules
SY-318 Duplex Intercom/ PA and Message Control or Door Open Alert Module
22 Watt Full Duplex Unit with the required Automatic DOT Entry Greeting
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SY-396 RGB Master/Slave Control Module
420 Watt unit with 16 Light Shows! Can be Slaved to other Units!

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SY-386 Condensor and HVAC
Fan Expansion Module
Runs up to 4 Additional Condensor Fans!
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